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Past lives and Intergenerational healing

Have you ever wondered about past lives? Why are they relevant to us in the present?

Past lives can seem to come up regularly in journey work. There is a sense of familiarity about the scene. Some people sense the clothing and specific details that reveal a certain time and place. Almost always, if a client gets taken to a past life when asking about an issue in this life, there is either an incident, contract or agreement that was set in place long ago.

Agreements, entanglements , contracts and experiences all contain a frequency, an energetic imprint that can be passed down generations through the boiological internet of our DNA. If health traits can be passed down throughout generations, why not other energetic patterns?

Over the past five years or so, I have noticed quite a bit of generational healing happening for people and their families. Without even realising, when we heal these issues within ourselves, it can affect healing throughout time and space for those connected as well. This is because our reality and in fact our bodies are holographic in nature.

I have an interesting story about a generational healing that happened not long ago for me while I was journeying. You can click here to read.

If you are interested in investigating deeply within your own spiritual healing journey , Inner journey work can help you to unlock and clear anything that you may be ready to transcend.

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