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Meet Kiah Williams

Inner Journey & Consciousness Facilitator

Hi there ! My name is Kiah and it is my intention on this platform to assist others expand into a new version of themselves and reality through the advanced tool of inner journeying.

Learn how to journey within on your own or with a guided session. The Inner Journeying process allows clients to clear programs, pain, limitations, and past life experiences. It helps us to access deep inner standing to our questions and circumstances in life. It can be used for clarity, direction & inspiration.

Like many of us, I have a varied background which includes qualifications in the fields of hypnosis, Quantum Consciousness Experience, HeartMath and breathwork . I have body mind qualifications, quantum healing, dowsing, tarot, chi kung, animal communication and remote journeying skills, which I utilise whenever they are required to be shared.


In the past I was an anthropologist investigating and working with over ten medicine men and shamans around the world to find what I could about the evolution of consciousness, personal healing, and prophesy. My experiences and interactions with these teachers allowed me to learn about my own Spiritual Sovereignty and my ability to heal myself and re create.


I have been teaching meditation and  Spiritual Sovereignty retreats over the past few years at my rainforest retreat in QLD Australia. I have years of experience guiding people on inner journeys. It brings me great joy each and every session and has literally restored my faith in humanity seeing how others take responsibility for their own healing and creations.

I feel blessed to be able to share my experience and facilitation with others as we journey together creating the new reality inwardly and outwardly.

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