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Inner journey work for the Spiritual Seeker

Inner journey work for the spiritual seeker

Perhaps you have meditated for years, practiced yoga , reiki and various other spiritual pursuits. Even if you haven’t, it seems that more people are now looking deeper within themselves to investigate who they really are, what they really want and how they can really help in this time and space.

These people are known as spiritual seekers. They are ready to know the truth of who they are and where they are going, why they are here, what they can offer.

Not content with shallow aspects of this system and reality, spiritual seekers delve deeper into their own inner mysteries to get a glimpse of what lies beyond the mundane. They realise there is something more to them and this reality. They can feel a sense of connection but are not completely sure where that connection lies.

Inner journey work is a gentle skill that anyone can learn. It takes one into the deeper aspects of their own consciousness without the assistance of anything else but their own Higher Self. They begin to learn how to see internally. Communication with their Higher Self is established through various images, stories, symbols as well as physical feelings in the body.

Inner journey work can reveal to you why you feel limited or stuck in a situation. It can reveal to you an experience that requires resolving or healing in order to gain a broader and freer perspective. It will only be pertinent to you, as you establish this beautiful relationship with your Higher Self.

Practiced regularly, inner journey work will assist your intuition, perception and wisdom.

Have you ever had a day of synchronicities where you have that excited expanded feeling of being supported in flow? This is how inner journey work feels. It leads you to all of the corners that you may have to clean or review, but it always holds your hand gently through it to see an ever more expanded version of yourself. You come to realise that there is a larger Source presence that is patiently supporting you to remember who you truly are.

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