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How to benefit from inner Journey work

If you can’t get clarity around your direction.

If you want to know how to be more in your fullest potential.

If you don’t know why you have so much hate or guilt.

If you want to move on but feel you can’t.

These are some of the reasons that I have found people come to do Inner Journey work.

Inner Journeywork enables the client to travel inwardly to the deeper issues that may be obstructing their forward movement or fulfilment.

The mind contains so many memories and programs, some of which are so deeply hidden that only the deeper levels of our subconsciousness  can access them appropriately. When we observe them and realise that we have choices in relation to them, results happen at quantum speed.

Consciousness, intent and observation reveal informational patterns that can be let go of, or re-aligned according to your highest good. Sounds magical, but in the quantum world all is fluid and changeable.

In session people could uncover a past life with a contract that requires change. They could visit a time in their early childhood where they were misunderstood or experienced some confusion. They may get taken to a time or event where now, they are able to forgive or release the situation or person. They may be shown a symbol that represents something profound to them for guidance.

Each Journey is unique and deeply personal; seemingly crafted for the exact position you are in at the time to benefit from the information. Gentle and yet succinct, with your consent, your Higher Self will guide you to the answers that will benefit you the most.

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