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Atrophy of Imagination

I believe it is vitally important at this time for us to consciously use our imagination and thought . Not just in a passing way, but intentionally exercising the power of our imagination and visualisation.

Why ? Because our ability to envision, and create in our imagination can be in danger of atrophy if we do not use it, and believe in its ability to create in our external reality.

The threat of an ever expanding technological reliance upon other devices to do our imagining is looming. We rely on movies , on videos, on virtual reality games, maps for direction, etc, and while these are not all bad, the continual reliance on more and more external vision generated experience rather than our own conscious generated imagination can be dubious.

If we give the power of our imagination away, if we neglect to use it to its fullest potential then we forfeit this human super power, this ability we have to consciously create with our own will, thought, consciousness and intention. Gradually, without using this ability, it will fade and we will forget who we truly are as powerful conscious creators.

Turning within and using our inner sight, our inner imagination and our inner visualisation is our sacred creator space. It is our own canvas without intrusion . Yes, like any skill it requires practice and knowledge, but once that has been invested ,the connection with your inner world and outer world is seen more clearly as you navigate what it truly means to be a spiritually sovereign and eternal creator being.

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