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A Unique 4 month mentoring program integrating Past Lives, Energy Healing, Spiritual Sovereignty, and Conscious Creation.

The Eternal Essence Mentor Program is a unique four-month mentor program crafted from over 40 years of deep spiritual learning, practice, teaching and consulting. 

Drawing from my experiences with shamans, medicine men, and chi masters, I have synthesized a comprehensive curriculum that explores the realms of healing, remembering, aligning, and creating.

In this mentor program, we embark on a profound journey of inner healing and expansion, beginning with the foundational technique of inner journey work. Here, you will connect with your most personal reference point and experience for inner healing, while forging a deeper connection to your higher self.

As we progress, we delve into the process of remembering who we are from a deeper and more expansive perspective as sovereign spiritual beings. Through inner exploration, we meet other aspects of ourselves and glean wisdom that enriches our journey. We release old contracts and agreements hidden deep within us that no longer serve our growth and evolution.

Throughout the program, we explore mindfulness, alignment, and connection techniques that center, ground, and expand our connection to self and nature. We incorporate the art of muscle testing for emotional release and pattern correction, empowering you to navigate your inner landscape with clarity and purpose.

Furthermore, we delve into the ancient practice of harnessing and directing chi energy, learning to feel, generate, and move this vital life force to restore and heal our organs, body, and energy fields.

We explore holographic scanning, voice, and toning techniques, equipping you with powerful tools for self-healing and transformation.

Finally, we cultivate strength in creating our affirmations and energetic protocols for protection and manifestation. Through consistent practice and application, you will develop a robust toolkit for conscious creation, allowing you to manifest your deepest desires and highest potential.

Join me on "The Eternal Essence Mentor Program" as we embark on a transformative journey of healing, expansion, and self-discovery. Together, we will unlock the boundless potential within and create a life of harmony, purpose, and fulfillment.

Skills you will learn: 

  • Inner Journeying for personal healing and past life/intergenerational healing

  • Quantum journeying to alternate aspects of self

  • Muscle testing for emotional clearing

  • Revocation and clearing intentions

  • Alignment & connection meditations

  • Chi cultivation and direction

  • Holographic scanning

Each month participants will receive

  • 1x 2 hr Inner guided journey

  • 1x 1hr personal mentoring and guidance

  • Learning modules relevant to the month's teaching

  • PDF's and meditations

  • Access to private Telegram group

Eternal Essence Mentor Program

Two Dried Leaves

Eternal Essence Mentor Program

Over 4 months you receive 

  • 12hrs of Personal one on one guidance

  • 8 hrs of group learning

  • 4 modules (16weeks) of learning and video material

$3,496 AUD

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