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Free Inner Journey

Connect to your higher self and journey with me in this intro to journeying

Here is your sample of Inner Journey work

Sorry for the Circada/forest sounds:)

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Its a beautiful journey when we go within! 

While there is much to learn about navigating your own inner journeying , it will become easier the more you use this technique. 

Probably the most challenging aspect is knowing when your conscious mind begins to take over and when your Higher Self emerges. Remember that the conscious mind likes to work things out and begin chatting, whereas the Higher Self seems to move you within with a direct feeling or memory. The Higher Self tends to allow things to emerge and evolve , whereas the conscious mind likes to make things up and control any outcomes.

If you can trust your imagination together with your feelings and allow them to work together, you will begin to see and innerstand the tapestry that begins to unfold in your journey session.

Remember to ask questions and allow the emergence of symbols, memories or experiences to present themselves to you. If you follow this , you will be astounded by the sense it will make at the end. Don't try to work it all out as you go through the journey, just allow all the parts to emerge and present themselves. The total picture will become clear to you deep within just at the right time without any conscious thinking. 

Good luck and may you have a beautiful journey today!

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