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Your Higher Self

The Higher Self is your Eternal Essence. It is the highest frequency version, or state of your consciousness. It is sometimes called your Cosmic Consciousness.

The Higher Self, once accessed , can guide you to find your true power and potential. When we learn to journey inward it is the Higher Self that guides us, using symbols and visualisations to communicate with us information that only we would know or can benefit from knowing.

The Higher Self can assist with your healing and release of personal pain and any discordant programs that may be limiting you or holding you back from your fullest potential.

When you are journeying, your Higher Self will only present to you that which is relevant for you to know at that time. It never gives you anything that is stressful or unnecessary. In fact inner journeying is nearly always expansive and motivating even as you may be guided to release any discordant programs not aligned to your highest good.

It is truly beautiful to see people in my sessions bask in the absolute balance, love and acceptance of their Higher Self.

In many sessions I have found that a person's Higher Self will give them such a personalised visualisation, symbol or insight to enable them to connect instantly with the same feeling and connection at some other time.

Its a beautiful journey when we travel within!

With love,


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