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An experience of intergenerational healing

While turning inward and preparing for journey work, I was taken to a scene at an old church I had visited in Cornwall last year. At the church there was a shrine dedicated to my ancestors. Their statues were positioned near the high alter and this the historian told me, indicated their high status in the community, and probably their high position re money.

The wife, son and husband are depicted in statue form . The wife had her face severely scratched off. This the historian said, would probably been as a result of the English civil war in the 1600s. I was taken in my inner journey to the front of the statue of the wife, Elizabeth. 


I asked my Higher Self, what do I need to see here? Immediately I had a type of download of information all at once. I knew there had been a curse put on the name linage as a result of this damage to her face. Who knows, the family may have been flaunting their money at a time of civil unrest, and someone on the opposite team meant to incur harm in one way or another.

I realised that through out the ages, my ancestral family had gone from being Lords of the Manor, to being hard working tin miners in the lower parts of Cornwall. They ultimately left Cornwall in later generations to arrive in Australia doing the same hard, labor work as tin miners. 

My father and his father were very hard labour working men too, and this seemed to reveal that the curse had to do with the linage being bound to hard work, hence forth from the Civil war time.


I immediately cancelled the curse for all generations and family members that were affected. The following night I had a dream of myself handling an old photograph that needed restoring . It was of my grandfather when he was in his youth. I was apologetic as I could not clean it up. It seemed to be disintegrating in my hands . I couldn’t save it. On reflection of the dream, I realised that the family name had ended with me. We had only girls in our family, and all of us had only daughters. Therefore the generational name linked to our family line had finished. This was strange timing I thought, but I sensed that it showed that the time was correct for the curse to be finished because it had almost come to an end really with the name finishing as well. 

Then a peculiar thing happened. Quite accidently, my family found out that my parents family home (no longer owned by them), which was not at all old or damaged, was demolished. Then their holiday small home that they had sold some years ago was demolished as well, all around the same time! My mother and I saw this before our eyes and couldn’t get over the timing and the symbolic meaning.

Henceforth from that time, my sisters and I found ourselves in flow with buying other homes, finding new jobs etc. 

These journeys, connections, dreams and manifestations in the outer world can only really be realised by yourself. The symbols and connections can only have an impact on yourself and maybe those close to you, but it does help to illustrate how inner journey work is so useful to navigate our healing, and our restoration to remembering who we truly are a sovereign free beings. It is a beautiful journey when we journey within!

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