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Eternal Essence Mentor Program

4 month mentoring program Integrating Past Lives, Energy Healing, Spiritual Sovereignty, and Conscious Creation.



A comprehensive four-month mentor program designed to guide participants on a transformative journey of healing, remembering, aligning, and creating. Through in-depth exploration and practical exercises, participants will delve into the realms of healing, consciousness expansion, alignment with higher self, and the power of conscious creation.


This program offers a holistic approach to personal growth and spiritual development, integrating ancient wisdom with modern techniques for profound transformation.





Throughout the program, participants will receive  personalized mentoring sessions, Inner Journey work sessions and support . They will be able to engage in regular webinars and group discussions. They will also have access to resources such as guided meditations, and supplementary materials to support their journey of inner mastery.

Month 1: Healing
  • Learning modules to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing and expansion

  • Exploring spiritual healing modalities, including past life regression and inner journeying skills

  • Techniques for clearing emotions from the body and energy field to promote emotional well-being

  • Practical exercises for self-healing and cultivating a harmonious energy flow

Month 2: Remembering
  • Quantum consciousness journeying and consulting sessions for connecting to alternate aspects of self for wisdom and guidance 

  • Cultivating spiritual and energetic sovereignty for personal empowerment and authenticity

  • Techniques for clearing contracts and releasing energetic attachments that no longer serve

  • Meeting aspects of the self through inner exploration and integration exercises

Month 3: Aligning
  • Working with energy and energetic patterns for expansion and healing. 

  • Alignment techniques to connect with the Higher Self and tap into inner wisdom

  • Mindfulness practices for cultivating presence and inner peace

  • Chi (energy) cultivation practices

  • Conscious movement of energy in body and field

  • Muscle testing techniques

Month 3: Creating
  • Understanding the power of intention and conscious creation

  • Connection to organs and the holographic nature of healing

  • Holographic scanning techniques for identifying imbalances and blockages

  • Correction codes for resetting energy patterns

  • Sound and voice intention 

  • Visualization techniques, and personal affirmations for manifesting desired outcomes

Two Dried Leaves

Eternal Essence Mentor Program

Over 4 months you receive 

  • 12hrs of Personal one on one guidance

  • 8 hrs of group learning

  • 4 modules (16weeks) of learning and video material

$3,496 AUD

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